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About Mount Carmel Code Enforcement

Mission Statement

To protect the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of the community through professional administration and enforcement of the zoning, building and other related construction and use ordinances. Enhance the quality of life and economy of Mount Carmel by enforcing regulations that preserve and protect neighborhoods. The division will promote voluntary compliance by establishing partnerships with citizens, community groups and other agencies.


The purpose behind building codes has always been the health and safety of our communities. 

The City of Mount Carmel has adopted codes to ensure the health and safety of our residents. These codes collectively establish our Code of Ordinances. 


Code Enforcement Department is a division of the City Clerk's Office. It investigates violations dealing with the City of Mount Carmel's codes governing; Signage, nuisances such as junk vehicles and over grown lots, housing standards, residential and commercial zoning.

Weed Nuisances           Littering         Definition of Nuisance

When Submitting a Potential zoning, code violation(s).  

Please state exact address  potential violation and description of potential violation.   You are required to give your name email address and phone number. We will then visit the location and determine if it is a violation. If it is a violation a violation letter will be sent to the property owner with information detailing how to bring property into compliance with current codes.

We will not disclose the name of any complainant. Your information will remain confidential. Illinois State Statute does not allow this information to be released. To submit a potential violation please follow link below:

Submit Nuisance Violation 

Submit Inoperable Motor Vehicle 


The department also processes all building permit applications for new and existing structures. We work with contractors, home owners, and business owners to ensure code compliance. We will coordinate plan review meetings for construction projects working with other entities, and departments when necessary. For more information contact City Inspector's Office


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there restrictions on burning in the City Limits?


Open burning is prohibited in the corporate limits of the city. This includes the burning of leaves.


  • The burning of fuels for legitimate campfire, recreational and cooking purposes, or in domestic fireplaces, in areas where such burning is consistent with other laws, provided that no garbage shall be burned in such cases.
  • The setting of fires to combat or limit existing fires, when reasonably necessary in the judgment of the responsible government official.
  • The burning of waste gases.
  • Small open flames for heating tar, for welding, acetylene torches, highway safety flares and the like.

Can an RV be parked on private property?

Your personal RVs, boats and boat trailers may be parked on your private property, provided that no part of the unit extends over the Public R-O-W and does not block a sidewalk.

If an RV, Boat or trailer is parked in City R-O-W it must be parked on a driveway.
The unit cannot be used for dwelling purposes and cannot be connected to city water or sewer service.

Can I get the name of the person that filed a nuisance or zoning complaint?

No we will not disclose the name of anyone that files a nuisance or zoning complaint.

Illinois State Statutes state the name of the complainant is exempt from disclosure. 

Follow Link Below for more information:

(5 ILCS 140/7) (from Ch. 116, par. 207)      (Text of Section from P.A. 101-434)      Sec. 7. Exemptions.

Can the City put a lien on my property?

Code Enforcement occasionally creates and files liens on vacant properties when they have been found to be in violation of the Anti-Weed and Litter Ordinance or other nuisance violations. 

In all cases, property owners are notified that their property is in violation and are given time to resolve the violation(s). 

If the violation is not corrected in the time given, a work order is created to have the work completed and a lien is filed against the property for the cost of the work performed. All liens are filed with the County Clerk's Office.

Can the Code Enforcement Division do anything about cars, RVs or boats parked in the street for an extended length of time?

The parking of any type of vehicle on the street is governed by the police department using code violations of the City's traffic code. 

Can we raise livestock or poultry inside the City limits?

The short answer is no livestock or poultry may not be held inside the city limits of Mount Carmel.

The exception to this rule is you must have a fenced tract of land containing not less than 10 acres and having an average width of not less than 300 feet, but in no event shall such livestock or poultry be housed or confined within 200 feet of a tract of land that is  one acre or less, containing a single-family residence. Then if you meet the criteria listed you may only raise quantities reasonably sufficient for the immediate consumption by the occupants of the premises.

How do I get a copy of open or closed violations on a specific property?

If you have a vested interest in the specific property, request a copy of open or closed violations from the Code Enforcement Division for a specific property within the city limits of Mount Carmel.

You may submit your request, including exact address, for copies of open violations by filling out a FOIA Request.

How do I report a zoning or nuisance violation?

To report a violation for zoning, or nuisance violations, Submit the potential violation online, Submit the potential violation form to City Hall, or email the potential violation description, the address of the potential violation along with your name and number to mgidcumb [at] (subject: Nuisance%20Violations) (Code Violations) .


How long are trash cans allowed to sit at the curb?


  • Sec. 10½-17. - Containers.


. All containers shall be removed from the city right-of-way within 24 hours after garbage collection by the city.


All garbage or refuse for collection shall only be placed on the city right-of-way within the 48-hour period prior to the normal collection time for garbage pickup at that location.


The placement of garbage and refuse hereunder is subject to all of the penalties and conditions as set out in this chapter of the Code.

How long is a pod, mini storage allowed to sit in a driveway or on private property?

Construction dumpsters and/or temporary storage units (i.e. "pods," "mobile minis," etc.) are allowed by Code Enforcement to be placed on private property in conjunction with a city-permitted construction project for the duration of the work.

For projects that do not require a city permit, Code Enforcement typically allows a property owner to place them on their lot for up to 60 days. A permit is required for the “pods” and must be obtained by the owner. 

I see people shooting their grass into the street from their mowers. Is it OK to do this?

No, it is not, for two reasons.  

  • First, it is against City ordinances.  Chapter 16- Offenses and Miscellaneous Provisions/Article II. – Nuisances/Sec. 16-24 (16) states the following: The raking, placing or blowing of grass clippings into the streets and gutters of any public street or public sidewalk.
  • Second, Second, as the ordinance points out, and gutters.
    • storm waters can wash the grass clippings into the storm drains clogging intakes which then prevent storm water from properly draining off the streets.  Flooded corners can be traffic hazards.

My landlord is not responding to my complaints? What can I do?

Disputes over lease obligations are civil matters strictly between tenants and landlords.

When is a weed in violation of the Weed Ordinance?

Any growth of weeds to a height of greater than 8 inches is prohibited on occupied and unoccupied land within the City.

Will the City locate my property lines?

The City of Mount Carmel does not assist home owners in locating property irons, surveying private property, or locating property lines between private properties. A property corner, iron or line can ONLY be determined or verified by a survey.

  • The City recommends property owners consider retaining the services of a private land surveyor. If property corners or property lines must be accurately determined.

Also, legal advice regarding property ownership and land disputes should be discussed with your attorney. These are civil matters. 


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