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Does Mount Carmel allow Golf Carts on roadways?

The City of Mount Carmel passed a Non-Hwy Vehicle Ordinance that will allow permitted non-hwy vehicles to travel and cross at specific designated locations.

Non-Hwy Vehicle Ordinance                         More Information

What do I do if a solicitor that comes to my door is aggressive in their sales to the point it is inappropriate and intimidating or is asking for my personal information or copies of my utility bills?

First of all, if you are concerned for your safety, you should never hesitate telling the individual to leave and that you are calling the police. 

Second, you should always ask for identification from the individual first. Write their name down and the organization they are representing. Do not give them any personal information or copies of any of your invoices or bills. Ask them to provide you with information on their organization so that you can check it out and follow up with them if you are interested.

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