Zoning Board

Chapter 12 - Housing / Article V. - Board of Housing Appeals / Sec. 12-154. - Established; composition; general qualifications of members.

There is hereby established in the city a board of housing appeals consisting of seven members who are qualified by experience and training to pass upon matters pertaining to zoning and building construction and all phases thereof, including but not limited to, matters relating to electrical and plumbing installations, fire prevention, housing and construction.

(Ord. No. 170, § 1-1, 8-22-67)

Zoning Board Ordinance

Board Functions

The Zoning Board of Appeals is a seven-member citizen board appointed by the Mayor with Council consent organized under the zoning ordinance to hear several types of zoning issues. These include:

  • Appeals of a determination made by the director of Building and Zoning
  • Permissions for certain uses under zoning named as special uses in the zoning ordinance
  • Requests for changes in zoning classification (map amendments)
  • Requests for relief from specific requirements of the ordinance through variance requests

Public Hearings

A citizen may apply for a public hearing, pay a filing fee, and present his/her case to the Zoning Board of Appeals. The Zoning Board of Appeals makes a recommendation to the full City Council for their final consideration. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month, at City Hall, 631 N Market St., in City Council chambers.

Zoning and Planning

Zoning Ordinance

Mount Carmel Zoning Ordinance

Appointed Members and Terms


 Tim Raibley            (05/01/2025)         


Vikram Singh          (05/01/2021 - 05/01/2026)

Jill Logsdon            (11/01/2022 - 05/01/2027) 

Andrea Downing     (05/01/2021 - 05/01/2026)

Shawn Storckman  (02/08/2021 - 05/01/2026)

Racheal Smith         (11/01/2022 - 05/01/2027)

Tony Bowles             (05/01/2024)


Tyson Meador          (07/01/2022 - 05/01/2027)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions on Mobile Homes?

Yes there are restrictions on Mobile Homes. No mobile home may be placed any were in the city except an Illinois Licensed Trailer Park  with out a special use permit.

A trailer cannot be placed on a lot without first applying for a special use permit.

  • In order to apply for the permit, the lot would have to be in an Agricultural district, R-3 district, R-4 district or a B-1 District.
  • The lot has to be at least 4,000 square feet.
  • The trailer would have to be no older than 15 years old (2005).
  • The trailer could not be used as a rental property
  • The applicant must have a vested interest in the property

If the above criteria is met then an application can be turned in applying for the special use permit.

  • First step is fill out the permit application.
  • The application fee of $100 is non-refundable
  • Each contiguous property owner will be sent notice of the zoning board of appeals meeting.
  • A public notice will be published with the zoning board information in the paper no less than 15 days prior to meeting and no more than 30 days prior to meeting.

Zoning Board of Appeals Process

  • Zoning Board meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
  • Once zoning board meeting is set the applicant will be required to attend, they will petition the zoning board to allow the special use to place a trailer on the property.
  • Anyone wishing to be heard for or against will be allowed to speak at the meeting. 
  • The Zoning board will decide to recommend, or not recommend application to the City Council.
  • The application will be forwarded to the city council at the next available meeting.

City Council Process

  • The application and recommendation of the Zoning Board of Appeals will be presented to the City Council for a vote.
  • The applicant must be present at the City Council meeting. 
  • If the Zoning Board of Appeals Recommends the application
    • The City Council may approve the application with a majority vote.
  • If the Zoning Board of Appeals does not recommend the application.
    • The City Council may approve the application with a 4/5 vote.

If application is approved by the City Council 

  • An ordinance will be passed allowing the special use
  • The ordinance will be recorded at the court house with the following conditions:
    • The trailer is only to be occupied by the applicant or applicants.
    • The trailer must be underpinned within 30 days of placement.
    • If the applicant were to move or no longer reside at the property the trailer would have to be moved within 90 days.


For more information Call The City Inspector at (618) 262-4822

Can I operate a business out of my home?

Some limited home occupations are permitted with a Conditional Use Permit through the zoning board of appeals and then approved by the City Council. See our Zoning Page for more information

Can we raise Chickens inside the City limits?

The short answer is no livestock or poultry may not be held inside the city limits of Mount Carmel.

The exception to this rule is you must have a fenced tract of land containing not less than 10 acres and having an average width of not less than 300 feet, but in no event shall such livestock or poultry be housed or confined within 200 feet of a tract of land that is  one acre or less, containing a single-family residence. Then if you meet the criteria listed you may only raise quantities reasonably sufficient for the immediate consumption by the occupants of the premises.

Does the City of Mount Carmel have a sign ordinance?

Yes. Signs and Billboards must be permitted within the corporate city limits.Sign/Billboard Application

An application for signs must be completed and turned into the City Inspector. The application must contain a depiction of the proposed sign, dimensions of the proposed sign, along with the completed application. 

A sign application can be approved by the City Inspector and the City Administrator without going before the full council. Billboards must be presented to the council for approval.

Billboards Ordinance:

Sec. 16-10. - Billboards.

No billboard shall be constructed in any zoning district created by the city, without first being approved by the city council of the city. The city council shall be under no obligation to grant such approval. However, when granting such approval, the city council of the city may impose such conditions and restrictions upon such approval as the city council may deem appropriate.

How do I find out how a particular property is zoned?

We have a link to a zoning map on our website. Follow this link: Zoning Map

The zoning map is also house in the office of the City Inspector located at 631 N Market Street.

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