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Rose Hill Cemetery

Mount Carmel maintains Sand Hill, Rose Hill, Odd Fellows and Simonds cemeteries. Below you will find records listed in Supporting Documents.

To purchase a Lot in Rose Hill or Odd Fellows cemetery contact Mount Carmel City Hall.  

Fee Structure.
  • The purchase fee for each individual grave site (four feet by ten feet) shall be $600.00.
  • Each grave opening shall cost $750.00, including cremations. The service for opening graves shall not be available on Sundays.
  • Arrangements for grave openings must be made at city hall in advance of any excavating.
  • Grave openings may not be made by an individual other than a private contractor designated by the city.
Rose hill cemetery policies

The following policies apply to Old Rose Hill, New Rose Hill, and Odd Fellows Cemeteries.

  • The premises shall be used for no other purpose than as a place of burial.
  • Only one burial per individual site; except, in the event of cremation, two urns may be buried in the same site.
  • The premises shall not be enclosed by wall or fence, except that stone or concrete coping not exceeding 8 inches in  height may be utilized.
  • The premises shall be marked at each corner by a stone or concrete not less than 4 inches square and not to exceed 6 inches above the site, unless said site is surrounded by coping.
  • A concrete box shall be required for each burial.
  • Flowers and/or decorations at any grave site shall be placed on a shepherds hook adjacent to the headstone or in a vase or other container situated on the headstone or on the concrete base. In no event shall flowers and/or decorations be placed on the ground at a grave site except for the following:
    • Flowers and or decorations may be placed on the ground at a grave site during Memorial Day Week. Said Flowers and/or decorations shall not be placed on the ground prior to the Friday preceding Memorial Day and shall be removed no later than the Sunday following Memorial Day.
    • Flowers and/or decorations may be placed on the ground at a grave site during the Winter season (December 1st to the following April 1st) When mowing operations have been discontinued.

Rose Hill and Odd Fellows Cemeteries are located at 901 Plum street In Mount Carmel.

Famous memorials

 Bellenden Seymour Hutcheson born December 16, 1883. He died April 9, 1954. World War I Victoria Cross Recipient. Born in Mount Carmel, Illinois, he was a American doctor serving as a Captain in the Canadian Medical Corps attached to the 75th Infantry Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force. On September 2, 1918, Captain Hutcheson was treating wounded soldiers under intense shelling and small arms fire in the Drocourt-Quéant line near Cagnicourt in France. After ensuring that all of the wounded men had received care, he attended to a seriously wounded officer and evacuated him to safety. Shortly after, he spotted a wounded Sergeant in front of the Canadian lines and rushed forward in full view of the enemy to tend to his injuries. For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty, he was awarded the Victoria Cross on December 14, 1918. He is also one of only six Americans to be vested with the Victoria Cross. After the war, he resumed his career as a physician and a American citizen. He died at age 70 in Cairo, Illinois.

Silas Zephaniah Landes he as born May 15, 1842 in Augusta County, Virginia. He died May 23, 1910US Congressman. He was admitted to the bar by the Supreme Court of Illinois in 1863 and was prosecuting attorney of Wabash County, 1872 to 1884. In 1885, he was elected as a Democrat to the Forty-ninth and Fiftieth Congresses, serving until 1889. He declined to be a candidate for re-nomination and resumed the practice of law. In 1891, he was elected circuit judge of the Fourth Judicial Circuit of Illinois and served until 1897.

Sand Hill Cemetery is Located at 730  W 3rd Street in Mount Carmel.

 Sand Hill cemetery was the first cemetery in the city. In it there was no subdivision of lots and people were buried in rotation in the order of their death. On October 22, 1932, an ordinance was passed prohibiting any further burials within this cemetery except by permit of the city clerk and this was to be granted only where the deceased person had relatives buried there and there was room for burial beside those already buried.

Famous Memorials

Rev. Thomas S. Hinde, founder of Mount Carmel, was an ordained Methodist minister and traveled extensively to advance the interests of the church. He was a pioneering circuit rider in the early 1800s in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. Hinde wrote and published religious articles in many leading publications. Hinde was one of the founding fathers of Mount Carmel. He was a prolific writer of religious hymns. He died Feb. 9, 1846 and is buried in Sand Hill Cemetery in Mt. Carmel.

Jacob Zimmerman (September 27, 1831 – October 17, 1912) was an Illinois state legislator, newspaper editor, and businessman. Zimmerman was a pioneer in the newspaper business in Illinois and Ohio, and a businessman who invested in mining, land, and banks in the Midwest. Zimmerman held a number of elected political offices in Illinois before his death in 1912.


Simonds Cemetery is Located at 38°26'31.8"N 87°46'42.4"W , it is past Erin Drive and before Leahmae Way on Park Road in Mount Carmel.

Cemetery Oversight Act

The Cemetery Oversight Act (Public Act 096-0863) requires all cemeteries (except fully-exempt cemeteries) to enter all burials with a Date of Burial of December 1, 2010 and after into the Illinois Cemetery Oversight Database. We have added our database information for every burial in our cemeteries for your convenience.

Consumer Rights at Cemeteries

Wabash Graves is another good resource for burial records from all cemeteries. 

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