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2015 Council Recongnized


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Monday, May 9 

City Council Meeting
When:5:00 PM

Where: Mt. Carmel City Hall


Saturday, May 21 

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  • City Council Email      To contact Mayor or Commissioners click on link
  • Customer Confidence Report Please click on link to view the annual drinking water quality report
  • 2016 - 2017  Municipal Budget Please click on link to view the Municipal budget
  • Trash Pickup schedule Please click on link to view the trash pickup schedule
  • The City of Mount Carmel has implemented emailing the combined water sewer trash bills to those that want to participate. You also have the option of having them faxed to you. We have already received email addresses from customers that would like to participate. So please let us know if you too would like to help us save money by participating in the program. GO GREEN!
  • Other Programs Offered:
  • Pay your Utility Bill by Direct Debit. No more filling out checks and mailing, or worrying about whether the payment gets here on time. You can now have your utility bill payment deducted automatically from your bank account each month. If you are interested complete the authorization form and bring to City Hall at 219 N Market Street.
  • The City of Mount Carmel is proud to announce the establishment of  Area Economic Alliance.  We invite you to follow the link to learn how this organization will become a vital part of our community's success.






Monday May 9, 2016

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Invocation
  • Roll Call
  • Visitors to address the Council     (topics discussed by visitors is limited to 5 minutes)
  • Mayor’s Report 


• Joseph Judge  ......... Finance and Senior Citizens

• Eric Ikemire .....  Streets, Cemeteries and Parks

• Rod Rodriguez  .....Fire, Health & Safety, City Hall, Garbage and Civil Defense

• Justin Dulgar  ..Water and Sewer


• Rudy Witsman  

• Tom Price  

• Mike Gidcumb


  • Second Reading Ordinance 1048 - Chapter 4 Unobstructed View 
  • Second Reading Ordinance 1049 - Chapter 4 Definition of Restaurant
  • Second Reading Ordinance 1050 - Chapter 4 Establish Class G License (Restaurant)
  • Second Reading Ordinance 1051 - Chapter 4 Establish Class H License (Video Gaming)
  • Second Reading Ordinance 1052 - Chapter 4 License Fees
  • Second Reading Ordinance 1053 - Chapter 4 Hours of Operation Class G  Sunday
  • Second Reading Ordinance 1054 - Chapter 4 Definition of Licensed Premise Class G
  • Second Reading Ordinance 1055 - Chapter 4 Number of License per Class
  • Second Reading Ordinance 1057 - Home Kitchen
  • Motion to approve the minutes of the regular Council meeting held on 4/25/2016
  • Motion to approve payment of all bills bearing the proper signature
  • Executive Session (if needed)
  • Motion to Adjourn